RideSmart’s training courses have been created by world-renowned performance expert Jon Pitts. His years of experience working with elite riders and athletes, coupled with his expert knowledge of the human body and innovative neuroscience, have resulted in unparalleled coach and rider training courses.

It’s time for a new and better way of riding. RideSmart will make you think differently and engage with your horse, offering a comprehensive journey of development to help fulfil every rider’s goals.

We want you to be better, safer and more confident… RideSmart.

Elite Insights

Working with and measuring the world’s best riders has given us a unique insight into what makes the best. For the first time we can tell you what makes them good and help you learn and use these skills too!

New Thinking

We’re continually integrating the latest neuroscience, psychology and sports science to challenge conventional equestrian thinking. Learning from research and from other sports, science and fact forms the foundation of our innovative programmes.

Better, Safer Riding

What’s important is that this Insight and New Thinking is delivered in a way in which it is easy to learn. Our unique programmes will guide you on a journey of self-development as either a rider or coach in a way that creates lasting change for the better.

Jon has helped me to understand and improve my preparations: my riding is better for it.

William Fox-Pitt, Olympic medallist


Paul Tapner

2010 Mitsubishi Badminton Motors Winner

"Jon’s methods have helped me to be better prepared for the unexpected when riding and I wholeheartedly believe that through the RideSmart programme equestrians can learn how to be safer on their horses."

Flora Harris

International Event Rider

"Very quickly after beginning my performance improved dramatically and I gained confidence in my own abilities and that of my horses."

Emily Philp

International Event Rider

"We broke down certain elements of my riding, focusing fundamentally on the basics, not that they were things I did not already know, but now they were analysed, identified and understood rather than being 'just what I did automatically'."